Our Services

SMTN specializes in partnering with NGOs to ensure sound programming, cutting edge environmental best practice and full regulatory compliance.  SMTN seeks to be the “extra set of hands” to work with and strengthen capacity of partner organizations implementing in food security and socioeconomic development projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  We have carried out over 320 projects in 48 countries to date since our founding in 2001.  We also have extensive experience supporting activities funded by USAID, that must meet procedures set forth in 22 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 216.


Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods

Environmental Management and Assessment

Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building

Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation

Environmental Considerations Videos

Environmental Compliance and Technical Assistance We Offer      

              Initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs)

             Scoping Statements

             Programmatic Environmental Assessments (PEAs)

             Environmental Assessments (EAs)

             Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs)

              Environmental Status Reports (ESRs)

             Environmental Capability Statements (ECSs)

             Environmental Monitoring Systems, Checklists, and Toolkits

              Water Quality Assurance Plans (WQAPs)

              Pesticide Evaluation Reports and Safer Use Action Plans (PERSUAPs)

              Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) Evaluations

              Fumigation Management Plans (FMPs)

              Biodiversity and Tropical Forestry Assessments (118/119 FAA)

              Environmental Threats and Opportunity Assessments (ETOAs)

              Climate Risk Management (CRM) Screenings

            Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessments