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About Us

Sun Mountain International (SMTN) is both a US and Ecuador-based socio-economic development organization with offices and coverage in Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean.  SMTN was established to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations dedicated to improving the socio-economic and environmental well-being of vulnerable households and communities.

Institutional Vision

A world in which individuals effectively manage their productive, economic, environmental and natural resources in order to achieve their goals and develop to their full potential.

Institutional Mission

Sun Mountain works through compliance mechanisms, best practice, and strategic partnerships to promote sustainable and environmentally-sound international development within underserved households and communities.

Our Commitment Is To

Provide high quality environmental safeguarding, climate risk management, and partner strengthening.

Develop effective, local solutions to environmental challenges.

Promote personal and professional growth.

Operate within innovative and multidisciplinary teams.

H. Scott Solberg, Ph.D.


Our Services

SMTN specializes in environmental impact assessments and technical assistance to programs funded by international and government donors and has extensive experience supporting activities with the implementation of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) policies. Specifically, SMTN supports USAID and its financed activities with the environmental procedures set forth in 22 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 216 (herein, “Regulation 216”), for which activities and programs are expected to engage in environmentally-sound design, management, and best practices.

Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods

Environmental Management and Assessment

Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building

Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation

Environmental Analysis We Offer

              Initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs)

             Scoping Statements

             Programmatic Environmental Assessments (PEAs)

             Environmental Assessments (EAs)

             Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs)

              Environmental Status Reports (ESRs)

             Environmental Capability Statements (ECSs)

             Environmental Monitoring Systems, Checklists, and Toolkits

              Water Quality Assurance Plans (WQAPs)

              Pesticide Evaluation Reports and Safer Use Action Plans (PERSUAPs)

              Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) Evaluations

              Fumigation Management Plans (FMPs)

              Biodiversity and Tropical Forestry Assessments (118/119 FAA)

              Environmental Threats and Opportunity Assessments (ETOAs)

              Climate Risk Management (CRM) Screenings

            Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessments


         Since 2011, supported the USAID Global Environmental Management Support contracts that have provided on-demand environmental services to USAID’s Environmental Officers and individual operating units.

        Delivered over 45 environmental compliance trainings.

        Assembled field materials for over 25 partners on climate-smart agriculture (CSA) and integrated pest management (IPM).

        Utilized geographic information system (GIS) technology to protect sensitive ecosystems and improve resilience of communities and livelihoods to geophysical, hydrological, climatological, meteorological, and biological hazards.

         Sub-contracted to provide long-term technical support to USAID Food for Peace (FFP) activities in countries, such as Malawi, Mali, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

 Developed or technically reviewed more than 475 environmental analyses for USAID and its implementing partners.



We have worked in 49 out of 217 countries.

Our Partners